Good preparation is the key to a successful fair.

This is why we market PAPER ME Exhibition well ahead of time via classic and direct channels. In addition, we provide proactive support in keeping your customers informed. Take advantage of our extensive advertising offering and make the most of our tailored marketing methods to let your customers know what you have to offer.

Nile Trade Fairs is launching a unique campaign to attract more visitors for PAPER ME Exhibition from all over the MENA countries. Visitor promotion campaign includes:

Marketing Campaign

A wide ranged marketing and PR campaign guarantees the success of the event, besides effective promotion for your company before, during and after the show. Below is an outline of the main marketing and PR activities:

Direct Mail

15.000 invitations to all targeted visitors including past visitors, association members, and externally sourced lists.In addition to 5000 VIP invitations hand delivered to key decision makers in the paper industry.

Email & SMS Marketing

Periodically mail & SMS shots target dedicated paper professionals interested in the MENA region and African markets to encourage new and past visitors of PAPER ME and other related exhibitions.

Media Coverage

Extensive coverage in specialized printed press (adverts, advertorial) in the most reputable Egyptian, regional and international newspapers and magazines

In addition to online campaign contains web banners posted on relevant exhibitions home pages and online trade websites.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards & banners were placed in all the Egyptian industrial zones and high ways from and to Cairo.

Flyers were widely spread at relevant International trade fairs and major airports.

Official directory

An official directory contains exhibitor name, address, product profile will be distributed to trade visitors during the show and mailed to target buyers after the show.