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Booth Specification


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Booth Specifications that Redefine Excellence:

Furnishing Delights:
One table that adds a touch of sophistication.
Two chairs for comfortable interactions.
Three spotlights (100 watts each) illuminate your space with brilliance.
One power point (12 AMP – 220 Volt) ensuring seamless connectivity.
Fascia name for a standout identity.
One wastebasket for a clutter-free showcase.
Luxurious 4mm thick carpet for the stand area, ensuring a plush setting.

Choose Your Space:
Indoor Space:
Your canvas for creativity – not less than a minimum of 18 sqm.
A vast expanse to showcase your brand and offerings.

Indoor Fully Furnished:
Elevate your exhibition experience with a fully furnished space.
Not less than a minimum of 12 sqm for a curated and inviting atmosphere.

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Your journey to success begins with the right showcase. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and secure your spot at the forefront of industry innovation. Act now and unlock the potential for unparalleled exposure. For more information on advertising in the PAPER-ME Official Catalogue, contact us to book your booth and let your brand shine!