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EXHIBITOR SPOTLIGHT: Unleashing Innovation Across Industries

Welcome to a showcase of groundbreaking possibilities at our upcoming trade fair. Explore the diverse landscape of innovation, collaboration, and business growth through our extensive exhibitor profile. Dive into the heart of cutting-edge advancements in Pulp, Paper & Corrugated Board, Tissue, Printing, Packaging, and more. Let the journey begin!



  • Paper and Paperboard machinery & equipment
  • Corrugated board-making technology
  • Suppliers of Second Hand & reconditioned machines& equipment
  • Recycling paper machines and technology
  • Paper Core machines
  • Paper Converting machines
  • Paper stationery
  • Manufactures of specialty, writing, printing paper& paper boards
  • TestLiner paper, KraftLiner paper, fluting paper
  • Spare parts& accessories
  • Fiber& Pulp Suppliers
  • Handmade paper
  • Recovered and Recycled paper& fibers
  • Machinery and plants for the production of paper and boards
  • Duplex board, paper board suppliers
  • Virgin pulp
  • Laminating machinery
  • Coated and Uncoated paper
  • Used machinery
  • Pulping & fiber treatment



  • Tissue-making and converting equipment & machinery
  • Tissue technology and software
  • Raw materials, adhesives, chemicals, dyes
  • Jumbo rolls and finished products.
  • Machinery for wet wipes, Non-Woven tissue, Household paper



  • Printing equipment and technology
  • Sheetfed- and web printing systems
  • Inkjet
  • Print origination equipment
  • Print finishing and binding equipment
  • Plates and plate-making equipment
  • Printing materials – paper, board, foils, films, ink, coatings and varnishes, etc.
  • On-press ancillary equipment and controls
  • Press room handling equipment           
  • Used machinery



  • Packaging Equipment Machinery, Technology, Services
  • Packaging Materials
  • Fill and seal machines
  • Post Processing Machinery
  • Paper & Board
  • Food Technology and Processing Equipment
  • Labeling
  • Packaging products
  • Packaging Processing Lines for different industries
  • Raw Materials and Semi-Finished Products for Tare  
  • Recycling Packaging machinery
  • Paper Cups Manufacturers
  • Bottling and canning systems
  • Wrapping and packaging machines
  • Shrink or skin packaging machines
  • Used machinery



  • Water Treatment
  • Power supply/energy conservation equipment
  • Process aids
  • Instruments and systems for measuring, testing, controlling, and management
  • Process control devices
  • Conveyor belts
  • Logistics
  • Media  

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