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Our colossal marketing campaign is strategically designed to tackle the industrial challenges faced by Saudi Arabia and the GCC region head-on. The overarching theme of this campaign is to transform our event into 'The Ultimate Regional Forum for Paper, Printing, Packaging, and Plastic Industries.' In essence, our primary objective is to make this event the pivotal hub for on-site contracting decisions, where an extensive array of options and competitive prices converge under one roof for both buyers and sellers.

How We're Amplifying the Message:

30,000 Visitor Tickets / 10,000 VIP Tickets: Unlock exclusive access for our valued attendees, ensuring an exceptional experience tailored for industry professionals.

- Radio Commercials in Prime Times: Tune in to Prime Times for captivating radio commercials that resonate with our target audience.

- Editorials and Advertisements in Key Newspapers: Catch our event spotlight in key regional and local newspapers, showcasing the significance of this ultimate industry forum.

- Huge Outdoor Promotion Campaign: Immerse the region in our campaign with eye-catching outdoor promotions that cannot be ignored.

- Pre-show and Post-show Coverage in Specialized Magazines: Garner attention and anticipation with coverage in specialized regional industrial magazines before and after the event.

- International & Regional Show Visits: Extend our reach globally and regionally by visiting other influential shows, and connecting with potential attendees.

- Social Media and Online Promotion: Join the conversation online and be part of the buzz with our engaging social media and online promotion strategies.

Join us in reshaping the landscape of the paper, printing, packaging, and plastic industries. Be a part of the ultimate regional gathering where decisions are made, and opportunities unfold. Let's make it happen together!